We are susceptible, in a way that we are not fully conscious of, to every experience of our life and every encounter we have. Negative or positive, these collisions make us who we are and who we will become. To which I say, dive into all things new, scary, or misunderstood and enjoy. You will never be the same again.

United States Marine Corps

What a rewarding challenge this was. In a time of an unpopular war, when young men and women began to remove the military as an option from their post-high-school plans, we were given the task to create an experience that would keep the teenage mind engaged. I designed a site that is mostly void of your typical navigation and asked the user to explore the site to uncover what it means to be a Marine. Non-traditional navigation, engaging full screen photos and audio resulted in a substantial increase in the number of site visits, as well as a measurable increase in the completion of the “request more information” form.


United States Marine Corps: Officer

Following the lead laid down by main Marine Corps site I was tasked to develop a related but different experience for a more focused audience. This audience is mad up of on men and women in college or who have just graduated and are looking for something more compelling than beginning a career facing a cube wall.


United States Marine Corps: Parents

Often the greatest challenge for young men and women to join the military is their parents. Today more and more parents do not have connection to the military and struggle to find its value for their child. This site is developed to open the minds of the parents and other influencers to the great benefits the Marine Corps can give their young men and women.


United States Marine Corps: PRM

Their is a critical time between when a potential recruit asks for information on the Corps to when he or she signs on the dotted line. To keep the potential recruits interests up we created a site that is available via invite only to give this potential recruit more informational materials on the Corps from how to tell your parents to the latest videos of tanks in the dessert.


United States Marine Corps: Poolee

Once an individual signs up they become what is known as a Poolee and enter a waiting period till they board a bus to boot camp. This period can be as short as a couple days to up to a year. To increase retention in the pool the poolee is invited to this site to keep up with other poolee's, start a physical fitness program, complete their checklist of to-dos and most importantly begin to feel like part of a larger group. This feeling of something bigger, a greater purpose, works better than any recruiter could in assuring the poolee gets on the bus to boot camp.


UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group has a large and varied audience to speak to in many different ways. From marketing sites that work to educate and sell healthcare plans, to sites that allow customers to manage the many variables of these plans. Mixed with these initiatives are audience types that vary from the young to the boomers to the elderly.

These variables often provide unique architectural and design challenges that can be very rewarding when solved for the audience.



Ovations is large group within UnitedHealth Group that in and of itself contains many sizable companies, all with different voices and opinions. Ovations needed a place where it could express itself as a leader in the healthcare business and speak with one voice. I designed this site to be a platform that would express these opinions clearly and precisely and provide a framework for extensive growth.


Ford F-150 Chrome

Being one biggest trucks out there is often not enough for today’s truck owner, they often want just a bit more to show off their truck. This is why Ford offers a unique chrome package that highlights a new truck without being too much. This is the impression we wanted for the site. By allowing the photography be the star and the interface only a supporting roll we brought the shine to this new site.


Target: Getintothegame.com

The video game industry is the largest entertainment industry out there, surpassing pro sports and movies combined in total revenue. With this much exposure and opportunity Target needed to take its gaming brand to the next level. I partnered with Odopod, Cuban Council and Gamespot to build a robust site that gave the gamer all information they might ever need.


Texas Instruments

Best known for the huge calculators we had to carry around in school, Texas Instruments(TI) needed a site to break them out of that mold. TI is more of an aftermarket seller of its technology and wanted a site that would showcase its newest things and be a site where developers of new products came to gather technical information. We accomplished both goals by challenging their brand standards just a bit.


Divine Custom Homes

If there is only one thing you need to do when designing and building a site for a home builder it is to provide large framework for photos. Pictures and video are what sell homes online so skip the copy and show me the kitchen and everything else in-between.


Northland Securities: Property Watch

Hey not the sexiest site in the planet but as far as doing everything from soup to nuts this best illustrates what I can do. Northland Securities wanted a member-authenticated site that they would invite their clients to join, inside the site the clients would be able to review current properties for investment, order more information and change account information. All this and build a CMS tool that would allow Northland Securities the ability to add, change and delete properties and members.


Royal Homes and Remodeling

For some reason I seem to attract home builders and this is cool with me. My client had a vision of using the Fleur-de-lis as a element of the logo but instead of using it as element I thought it would be better suited as the focal point. I can't wait to see it on the clients bright yellow trucks.